=T=T=T= == The TTT Transit Talkoot

I'm researching what it will take to form a non-profit organization under IRC 501(c), either section 3 or section 12.

The name of the organization will be: TTT Transit Talkoot, which can be also called Trolley Track Talkoot and various other things. The text-only logo is: =T=T=T=, and the uppercase letter T, as in T-Total, is meant to be reminiscent of the utility poles that carry the trolley power wires. The = is meant to be reminiscent of both the rail tracks and those overhead power wires. You can also see the T's as people with linked hands, with the = signs representing that we are all equals.

It also invokes ideas surrounding Henry Ford's Model T. Why that is relevant is possibly apparent to those who have seen the History Channel Modern Marvels episode about Ford. Thing was that Ford payed better wages and his workers could afford cars to show off, and that sold more; they spent that money and it helped fuel the growth of the US economy... The transportation of goods is fundamental to the economic activity, not the power source or mode of propulsion.

The acronym TTT is recursive, after the fashion of GNU, the primary project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). (GNU stands for GNU's Not Unix.) The recursiveness of TTT is nice because there's obviously got to be more than three pillars holding up the trolley grid. (I can't build this thing alone.)

Hmmm... =T=T=T= Can somebody draw me us a logo in standard web banner size with that and the Ubuntu logo for the wheels of a vintage trolley car? Another version with ... for wheels? You're the artists. Post them as comments to this blog entry, please.