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There's been a lot of things in the news about bullying, school shootings, and the Violence Against Women Act.
I think that the VAWA should be extended to protect women's sons as well. There is a fair amount of research out there regarding the psychological effects of childhood trauma and neglect. It's not difficult for anyone interested in reading up on the subject to find academic research and professional research articles on the subject. For instance, you could start at http://violence.de, http://cirp.org, or Wikipedia. It's clear that the painful trauma and lifetime of deprivation of normal sexual sensitivity and physical pleasure have a devastating impact upon the mental health of the victims of sexual mutilations.

What's worse is that many judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials do not recognize infant genital mutilation as a sexual crime. If you think about it the right way, perhaps it appears that the bullies are pretending it's not criminal to torture other men's sons... They are still operating under the mistaken belief that they still have control over the availability of true and complete factual information concerning the anatomy and function of the male prepuce. They believe they can continue to manage people's perceptions of it, and continue to cause people to believe that "circumcision" is in some way beneficial. In reality, the word "circumcision" is a deprecated euphemism for the atrocity that is more accurately referred to as "genital mutilation."

Under the Utah Statutes, it is best described as "aggravated object rape of an infant that culminates in mayhem," Because it is perpetrated by a person in a special position of trust or authority, it becomes "aggravated." Because it involves penetration of a sexual opening (the opening at the end of the prepuce, which is the most sensitive part of the male sexual anatomy, the part they've been amputating and lying to us about), it is "object rape of a child." The child abuse statutes define "serious physical harm" in terms of permanent disfigurement and permanent loss of normal use of a body part. Thereby, the "circumcision" results in serious physical harm, and therefore the most severe penalty applies to those convicted of this despicable atrocity. It is often perpetrated under false pretenses, in that they are not truly providing complete and accurate information to those whom they solicit for the conspiracy to commit this crime; thus there is fraud involved as well.

I've written a number of articles concerning this subject, which yous will find on my blog. There are several letters there written to congress, and to the "Aids Coordinator", who reports to the US Secretary of State. In one article, I discuss how infant genital mutilations perpetrated in the United States are, in fact, crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. I dare you to put an article about this on your front page.


Also note the recent decisions in Germany and Australia concerning the criminality of genital mutilation of infant males. There comes a time when we must look around us, observe the societal norms, and learn to conform with them. The Europeans don't "circumcise." The Swedes don't, the Germans don't, the French don't, the Finns don't, the Dutch don't... Russian's don't, the Chinese don't, and the Indian's don't. The majority of the world population views it as an abomination.

If it was justified to attack Iraq based upon the allegations that Saddam Hussein's regime gassed the Kurdish people, etc., and attacking Nazi Germany was justified based on the extermination of Jews there... Then certainly it would be easily possible to justify an invasion of the United States by citing the widespread and systematic practice of infant male genital mutilation. Therefore, it becomes a national security concern. The solution is simple. Stop torturing infants. Put the sex perverts that do that to them behind bars.

We do not need to pass any new laws. It's already illegal under existing laws. To pass a new law that explicitly legalizes that one specific form of mayhem, congress would be admitting that it's already illegal to do so. They can not, in good faith, pass a law that is so clearly in conflict with the primary body of laws concerning malum in se crimes against the person. Our State Constitution contains a clause that says "All laws of a general nature are to have uniform operation." There are no laws against stealing Buick's, Chevrolet's, Ford's, or Porche's, yet it's illegal to steal any one of those specific brands of automobile because of the general purpose laws that prohibit grand larceny. Clearly, the laws that prohibit object rape, child abuse, and mayhem must be applied uniformly. To not do so is unconstitutional.

I will be publishing this email as a blog entry. I'm looking forward to hearing from yous.

Karl Hegbloom


Let's show the world what they really are.

There are a lot of related issues that we should be placing in juxtaposition with one another in our writings. Violence against women is a big deal... Domestic Violence, rape, etc are a big deal to the law enforcement and family courts. So is education... People like to be treated like intelligent human beings capable of forming valid conclusions given true and complete factual information.

Here in Utah, judges have a continued education requirement. One of the women who advertises as a "custody evaluator" is a PhD who has taught classes to those judges concerning how traumatic experiences during childhood can affect their behaviour as adults. The "Project No Spank" people know what I'm talking about; Clearly traumatizing children is not beneficial!

Nobody likes a fraud. Nobody likes hypocrisy, especially in those who are entrusted with governmental powers. The AAP has clearly made fraudulent representations to the people concerning circumcision; and it's clear that Anatomy textbooks, at least here in the Untied States, have been censored, to severely limit the amount of factual information educated people have available with which to make appropriate choices. Clearly there must be a conspiracy at work to bring such a thing into being.

There are still judges who do not acknowledge that "circumcision" is in fact a crime. It is aggravated object rape of an infant that culminates in mayhem. In Utah, it deserves the mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole, per count, as mandated by the statutes on sex crimes. I'm pretty sure they won't be voting to reduce the penalty for that crime any time soon... (This is Salt Lake City, Utah, the former Olympic Village, and they can't just do anything they want, right? or left? Knee what I'm saying?)

When many of us American men were born, the hospital and doctor ("they") solicited our parents to engage in the conspiracy to commit object rape (penetration of a sexual opening with an object) culminating in mayhem (amputation or mutilation of a body part resulting in permanent disfigurement and permanent loss of normal use). They made fraudulent representations to your parents about the "foreskin" -- that is a mere flap of skin, vestigial, and filthy -- and about the alleged health benefits of having your prepuce amputated. Of course they did not tell your parents that it was "object rape culminating in mayhem"; they sued fluffy words lie "circumcision" to describe it.

They want to maintain the illusion that "circumcision" is not illegal; that it's an "accepted medical procedure." By offering a form that alleges to provide them with parent's permission to perform the "procedure" they continue to give it the "color of legality." People just assume that the hospital and doctors would not offer to do something illegal to their child. (Catch 22.)

But we, here in this forum, know how easy it is to show that "circumcision" is really "genital mutilation" or "penis desensitization surgery" or "torture". Anaesthesia only adds insult to the injury -- he'll never feel a thing. (So check the box for the infant lobotomy also. That way he'll never think a thing either.) It is clearly malum in se -- an evil thing in itself -- tantamount to aggravated sexual battery culminating in mayhem.

To pass a law that explicitly legalizes that specific form of mayhem admits that it is already illegal under existing law. But to pass such a law would create a very serious contradiction -- an inconsistency or hypocrisy. Any crime that is classifiable as malum in se is what it is. Murder, mayhem, rape, battery, and assault are crimes no matter what you other name you give them. "Surprise sex" is "rape" in every jurisdiction I'd care to live in, you know what I'm saying?

It is only by hiding the evidence -- censoring textbooks, lying to people about what the "foreskin" really is, etc, and by carefully not mentioning it... that they can continue to remain ignorant of the law. But certainly, ignorance of the law is no excuse. This begs the question: Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Judges, District Attorneys, Attorney Generals, Sheriffs, and so on are often part of the same social clique. Are they also part of the same conspiracy to pretend that committing aggravated object rape of an infant that culminates in mayhem is not a crime, but an "accepted medical procedure?"

Let's sue their pants off. If they refuse to prosecute it as the crime it truly is, then they themselves are guilty of misprision of felony. If they won't acknowledge it as the crime that it is, then we need to replace them with people who will. Elimination of corruption creates job openings and opportunities for advancement. One of my favourite stories is of a city official who put a hidden camera in his office to video an attempted bribery in progress... Let's show the world what they really are.

How many of the men who serve in law enforcement, prosecutorial, and judicial roles are also victims of male genital mutilation? I suspect that such individuals are intelligent enough to comprehend what they read, and likely to be the kind who are ready, willing, and able to engage in some serious investigative academic research reading, in their copious free time, as part of their continued education requirement. What do you suppose they will conclude, after reviewing the evidence? Ever see that watch with a porky the pig on it, that says "Police Integrity Guts"? You know that "intestinal fortitude" is a double entendre for "genital integrity" right? So, does that mean that cops aren't cut? If that's true, then maybe they really are the storm troopers of the evil empire...

Y'all gotta look stuff up around hee-ah. Y'all undahstaand that, right? That's what kinda neighborhood this here is.