To the people in Ukraine who waste time and your lives shooting guns when there are more interesting problems to solve.

I hope this translates into Russian well enough and that the young men to whom this is addressed get shown a copy of it so that the message reaches those who need to hear it the most. If anyone reading this thinks of anyone else who needs to be told not to throw their life away for their country, but to instead live and work for her... Please feel free to send this on. Five doves at liberty to carry this message and share it, I Thank Ye.

Why do you throw your lives away by running around like errant boys, shooting guns at one another and killing people? What in the hell kind of work-ethic is that? Didn't anybody teach you how to behave like civilized human beings? Look around you. Most of the people in the world around you don't run around shooting guns at other people! You are dangerous to the community. People wish you would learn to live peaceful and productive lives helping to get the real work done. To go around shooting guns like that is criminal behaviour, and mostly just a waste of time. It's dangerous. Why bother when there are safer things to spend your time on that are also more utilitarian and useful to the community?

There are many interesting problems to solve and important work to get accomplished. It is wasteful and foolish to go around shooting guns at one another when there is so much work to be done. You will not learn from the Master unless you work for the Master. You have chosen a fools career as long as it involves running around with guns shooting at other people. You should be helping to improve your country's wind energy infrastructure, electrically powered rail for shipping, piggy-backing Santa's Sleigh, and other important high-value cargo like that.

Why don't you learn to set a better example for the youth of the world? Why not set a better example for future generations? Mir... Mirror... Door! Would you like more water? Are you ready to order? Isn't it nice to live peacefully in world where there is applied purpose in the right direction; out planting trees, installing large "wind farms" to generate electricity from the wind... (it is thermodynamically neutral clean and safe electricity. Say "no" to fossil fuels.)

Doodem. Dood... dude, duty... Echo. Always remember the Grandfather Principles. Live by them. Remember that the first rule of defense is to make friends, not enemies. You'll be too busy making friends to have any time left for gunfights. You won't need the guns.

Your country, as is ours, and as is every country, is best protected by having youth learn from the wise. Learn to perform useful work that is a benefit to your community and to the world. Learn how to grow healthy things to eat in gardens. Learn to cook. Learn to preserve food. If the climate change happens, there could be no country to protect. If nobody learns the lore from the elders, then the lore will be lost. What are you learning, running around shooting guns? What use is that to yourself? How does it supposedly benefit your community? I think that it is criminal behavior because it is frightening, dangerous, disruptive, and not constructively useful. We want you to grow up and become intelligent well behaved men. The way you are headed now, you will be dead and bleeding in the street. That is not useful.

You are better than that. You are smart enough to see that if nobody runs around shooting guns, the rest of life can go on again without the ugly interruption of people who got taught to run around shooting guns at people when they should have been taught to perform useful work and problem solving. Go trade your gun for University Tuition or Trade School Tuition. Study permakulture. Read about United Nations Agenda 21. Help us out... but no guns, please. We don't need them. Pitchforks, shovels, wheelbarrows... Those we may need. Let's make it look nice, Okay?