Ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia.

If our representatives in and to government had the attitude about the "Syria" things  that I've seen demonstrated by some Internet News Article Comment Trolls, we would all be living in cement bunkers, next to our well armed 8 year old petards, eating snicker bars and long-pig lemonade, no doubt, and to hell with everyone else, I hate it here in the dark posing as a shadow of hope, so I'm going to blow something up instead..? Anybody listening? You're all busy at work earning money for stuff you never use and I'm not being "appropriately parented" or anything here at this Kibutz... Well, then I'll do it. So there, and it's not an inflatable forbidden one I'm about to blow up, so you better look out or I'll snot-glob you with radioactive drone-punk angst-thrash comic book glop!<../sarc>

If those who staff our domestic criminal legal-minus-justice system carried that "attitude problem", our entire country would be fracking Broken Windowed... and who cares. Why bother? Nuke it and sell it, I says. Psst... Wanna buy a Detroit air-quality nuke? Snarky-Darky-Sarky-Nark... Snarky-Darky-Sarky-Nark... Snarky-Darky-Sarky-Nark... Arms dealer alarm! Oh, yeah! Koolaid crashing through the wall comes to our rescue... So who's going to be our "Fireman Sam" coming to the rescue.., punk? Red-Bucket Brigade 3? Huh, punk?

Hey, if we de-fund them, will they simply steal what they want with the guns they already have? Or will they put them down and play something else now? What the hell kind of work ethic is that? Do you think "well, I've got a big top gun, so I can do whatever I want?" should be considered sane thinking? Not when "top gun" has been disillusioned and deprogrammed. "You first, boss.", "No, I outrank you, so you go first." vs "You first, bro.", "No, I don't want to go first here either. Let's find another way (perhaps around a sniper or non-keyed minefield or disfunctional repetition of past mistakes..." thhwiitt! Thunk! "Ka-Chow, baby. Fade away." Snarky-Darky-Sarky-Nark... Now what?

Please, look at those photos from near the chemical weapons attack areas in Syria, or of any oppressed and intimidated natural citizens of the country upon which is trespassed, in the middle east, and think about sending those people some "Square Foot Gardening" kits. Really. It's obvious that they need to and probably want to green that place up a bit. I bet they'd love to have a fresh home-grown tomato. Everyone needs cow-ward-eyes, not coup-rage. Yous git that? Terraform. Make Terra prita nova, install drip irrigation, row shades where necessary, and live life growing food as life was meant to be lived, staying close to our tilth. Back to hell with oil. To hell with weapon imports and exports, and to hell with the whole "military domination" mentality. It's too dangerous. Take it all, just leave my cutting board behind. There's an obvious evolutionary pressure in favor of human beings who are social, and get along well with others, and, them-by, cultures that co-operate with one another to share resources vs fighting over them, and away from the "culture" of armies, armed combat, and the domination-cult-chess-game-like mentality. Coup-rage is insane. It is an atavistic mal-adaption. Full cooperation will be achieved. Resistance is futile.

The action of "bombing Syria" is such an obviously stupid contrived Malthusian Catastrophe that nobody ought to be allowed to blunder into it who can more equitably and productively utilize their efforts doing useful work, like manufacturing aerogenerator turbines, feeding lunch to factory workers, installing aerogenerators, feeding aerogenerator installation crews, maintaining aerogenerators, feeding aerogenerator maintenance mech-techs, manufacturing smart-grid technology infrastructure parts & pieces, feeding factory workers, installing smart-grid electrical infrastructure, feeding smart-grid installation crews, maintaining smart-grid electrical infrastructure, feeding smart-grid maintenance elec-techs, manufacturing electrical train equipment, feeding factory workers, installing electrical train infrastructure, feeding railroad workers, maintaining and operating electrical railroad transportation systems, feeding railroad Teamsters. Management is a form of labor. You're one of those people too. Without labor, all these fine things never really happen. Division of labor is necessary. Just reading that list is tedious. Imagine being the only ones of a small group working on a task so vast that is so clearly what our world needs to do so that the contention over the petroleum reserves can be alleviated. Wow, no more gasoline spilling out of underground tanks, no more heavy traffic, no more car cuck-ah cesspool effect returning down canyon from Alta-bird...

Trying to kill, threaten, or harass people wastes time and puts them on the defensive, wasting their time having to fight. Instead of that, both parties could, cooperatively, actually be solving an interesting and useful problem, like intelligent and educated human beings, who are known to become despondent and are at one useless in captivity... We the People are much more useful and manageable when left at social liberty, bodily intact and secure in our persons, free to share ideas and share planning tasks, with no bullshit chain of command abuse of authority antithetical to intelligent emergently organized society. Harm none. Do no harm. Never attack. Befriend. Don't fixate upon "military" matters, for therein lies Insanity. Instead, fixate upon the Rule of Law promised by the Enlightenment. Nn-kay, Sam?

Oh, and never forget this: There is probably no such thing as a bulletproof blue beret. Not everyone shares the same ideals as the blue beret ought to represent. Perhaps not everyone thinks in terms of ideals... They may see nothing but a hostile invader entering their primal territory, from whom they feel a deep instinctual need to defend their families... Oh, what a revelation! Gosh, that's just how I'd react if they sent soldiers here; I mean, that's how they see "our" troops in their country. (Dark Lord 3, who wants your land, is petting his beard, plotting a "false attack" strategy because that's apparently one of the only tricks those lowbrow assholes ever learned... "Oh, hey, and I hear that most opiate addicted soldiers love heroin even more than opium or morphine... they'll do anything to get it. It's probably kept under guard... They jumped up and got right behind the ole 8-ball on getting into Afganistan, didn't they?")

I think it is very important that We the People of Planet Earth treat the Syrian Chemical Weapon Attack thing as an International Criminal Investigation, and focus on finding the actual perpetrators of the actus reus, i.e., the ones who actually pushed the buttons or pulled the triggers, or pumped the petrol, or put the pedal to the metal, or anything chrono-transitively relevant... (V-room-blaringly obvious enough for ye?) We need to think like honest detectives and civil=and=human=rights lawyers, not like a zombie lynch mob hungry for petrol transit sic GimMiCk, Ok?  So, let's try and tell them all, Hero! Tell us "Who's guilty?", "Who's fault is all this?", "What are the forces that provide the impetus behind all of this subtle crazy emergent chaos?"

Try and remember to think about that question next Sunday, while you fill up your g-ass tank... watching the numbers roll around the gauge, ignoring the healthy glowing person of the opposite sex in summery clothing riding by on that bicycle, daydream and perform a mental analysis to discover probable transitive impact upon inter- and intra- societal stability and mutual equity in quality and enjoyment of life, given contention for resources their civilizations are "addicted" to, in a context where viable alternatives can exist only after much hard work is done by participants in nationwide electrical generation, distribution, and transportation infrastructure construction projects... Run your mental simulation once with them fair-dinkum pairwise cooperative, and another time with them pairwise obstructionist, lazy, greedy, aggressive, and mortally dangerous shing-brawn without educated think-brain; think-brain, no-shing, that can "do the math" and see there's more work needing done than they can do themselves? Or, think-brain, no-shing, that knows nobody respects a lazy soldier standing with a gun when there's useful work needing done? How hard can it be, gunny-boy? Want to learn to do something useful, rather than something viciously and willingly destructive? It's like, "Oh, shit, the gas is spilling over onto what used to be a fertile garden but is now a pimped-up, paved-over, pissed on brownfield... Oh, sorry, it was an accident. Doh. But who cared, as long as there was petrol in the car, owe?"; "Yeah. Watt fur."; "That was so profound it makes my hair stand on end."; "Exciting times, eh?"; "Yah..."; "Blow, wind, blow... and bring us back some peace of mind with ourselves right before we approach some exhaltation-limit t-totally insanely sarcastic-bliss-maximum-point Zounty-no-Doubty-X-ount..."

So, thinking about it while pumping gasoline into your juiced personal iron cage on wheels, which, at least in your owned mind, pumping away, has you rape-tied to the wheel of your pimple-assed life quite a lot of the time.., I mean, yous being so well-traveled, and all... (Hmmm... The writer looks up from per researchlike reading and academicish writing to see a red fox chasing a mouse, then a butterfly, and finally it's own tail in an alfalfa hay field; per head turning until the cycling fox is too far behind the train to see again anywhere but inside per indelible memory... Per then writes it down inside a parenthetical, and continues, putting bizarre midwesternesque shaggy-dog-story self-narrative aside cooly, and with dignity, but putting it away... really... What?!) It seems to me there are some relevant questions here, in the land where most agree that "surprise sex" is probably "rape" and thereby feloniously illegal malum in se. Surprise! Where armed men are taking control of other people's proper territory and proper resources, it's a form of burglary, which is honestly illegal, malum prohibitum, anywhere I'd care to live and breath easy. And you say that "our" military is being taught to do this thing? I think we should teach them to do something more useful, so that will be what they'll go and do.

We the People are each capable of making reasonably decent, fair and Honestly Good (tm) decisions..(?) ...given complete and accurate information upon which to base those decisions and a logical and well trained thinking habit that moves with agility, coordination, and polite inter-facilitation in an ideal context free of coercion, free of obstructive antisocial political mind-frack, free of inequitable "special pleadings", free of meandering time-wasters (but not shaggy dogs), or even worse, psychotically repetitive and predictable time-wasters with loud bitchy voices and nothing but time on their hands --- at all; NOT free of interesting things to read, but free of time constraints; With wide open, but one at a time please, input from each and all with knowledge or inspiration and a few with less experience who will learn from it...

("Trust me," uh?... I could only imagine what other people in other lands are really like... I mean, their sense of what is Fair, Righteous, and Just is so totally alien to us? True? No way. There is more in common than not. Our cultures are siblings. The ideal Good is Universal. We strive for it in commonwealth and planethealth in good tilthing. Knowledge and well-functioning communication are first among the Keys to World Peace.) Application of the Parenting with Love and Logic paradigm has us delaying the consequences, while we think over what those Must Be. ("Consequences" is not a threat, per se.., I mean, it doesn't necessarily mean "violent reprisals", it's almost completely situation dependent, and hopefully it will be an ordered set of consequences that reflect fair dinkum honest Maxims of Law, for example, something like "multi-international criminal justice posse that is not a corpse-pissing lynch mob of oil starved zombies pretending to do justice while they steal your oil and opium...")

Relevant questions include "Were the individuals who fired their weapons acting under color or authority of law?", "Were they acting under orders given by a 'superior' officer?", "Really?", "What is the protocol used within their organization which controls orders or permission to shoot?", "Are those protocol mandated communications recorded and logged in a tamper-proof data processing standards file format both on-line and in secure off-line storage as mandated by non-optional military ethical standards code?" "Were they rogues or 'loose cannons'?" (Maybe the young soldiers, who went to the militia rather than to a University, who opened fire, perhaps in panic, at the 'protest' rally would throw a fit at that description...) "Assuming they did what they thought they were supposed to do in the circumstances... what example or training did they follow in doing what they did?", "What about the rumors that American mercenaries were seen in the area around the time of the attack?", and "Doesn't that bring to mind the reports that the 'World' Trade Center was actually brought down by thermite charges loaded off a semi-trailer into the stairwells set off by remote-controlled aircraft?" Or, "Are we really going to fall for this one again?", "Is anyone else tired of breathing petrol smoke while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic?", "Doesn't the popular phrase 'drive it like you stole it' refer to the petrol purchased from oil companies who brought 'home' Iraq's oil?", and "What gives them the freedomination to pollute, the freedomination to sell toxic waste as fuel, and the freedomination to tell blatant lies to the public, the president, and to congress, who then take action to throw away human lives when they could have put those people to work doing something more useful?"

In our criminal justice system, we have a Presumption of Innocence, which is premised upon the idea that most people are not criminals. It's not righteous to presume that Dr. Bashar al-Assad or "his" government is to blame! In fact --- from the Wikipedia article about him --- Dr. Bashar al-Assad is an Opthamologist. He went to medical school. Anyone out there know what that's like? Think there was time for him to minor in "Evil Dictatorship?" Really? It says that his older brother was the heir apparent, until he died in a car accident. When Dr. Bashar al-Assad was told by his father that he was now the heir, he was also recalled to the military, which apparently, outranks him, and thus he must follow orders... or else?

Truly, the "Russians Love Their Children Too", and surely, so do the Syrians and Iranians, and... well, everyone I can imagine... and certainly the overwhelmingly vast majority of humanity just want to live life as it was meant to be lived, and don't want armed bandits with scimitars and WMD marching around with nothing better to do than blow the nose off the autocratic klepto-sphinx of a rival... They want their children sent to study at a University, doctrina urbi serviat, not the militia, militia urbi destructo burn-baby-burn, desert melonfarmer. Don't we normally want really smart people running the show, rather than drop-out thugs who couldn't get a real job to blow their own noses? Anyone know somebody that throws a fit at that description? Is he sitting on the thrown? Do they do what you tell them to, even while holding their "own" "guns"? Think about it.

People do what they've been taught to do... If you teach them to use guns and false flag black-ops to "chess game" their way in to steal gasoline, that's what they'll go and do, because that's the way it has always been done..? and it's easier to maintain the status quo no-true-American "dream" or continue with the ancient Malthusian "war" plan than to formulate a new one for the 21st Century, right? If instead, you teach them to think outside of the oiled-up defoliated war-chest to pin a medal on (you don't want to be that guy), and they learn to respect and live by the Rule of Law, for reals, then that is, hopefully, what they'll go and do. ( http://karlhegbloom.blogspot.com/2009/08/selfish-defense.html) How hard can it be? Good Enough for you?

In the PBS interview of Dr. Bashar al-Assad, my feeling is that the interviewer is begging the question, beginning with a bogus presumption implicit in his behavior. (Perhaps not even PBS is free from the corporation-as-person "influence" --- Ender's Game --- of the military petroleum industrial complex that bug-sprays people..) What I see is that Dr. al-Assad is not making a threat here, but is rather delivering a warning, and trying to let us know, without being obvious or blinking in morse-code, that it's really not something he has any more control over than President Nixon had over the soldiers that shot the students at Kent State on May 4, 1970, or than President Nixon had over the ongoing "Role of the United States in the Vietnam War" (see Wikipedia article entitled as in previous quotation marks) or than the Passion Bearer had over the events of Bloody Sunday.

Seriously, I doubt it was the Assad family, ab intra, who "integrated the military into the government." We need to look in the shadows to find the true perpetrators of these atrocities, lest we crucify their scapegoats by mistake... which we are all, ah, sworn or affirmed to not allow to occur. Capice?