What else is missing from the picture?

I am very concerned about something. Anatomy textbooks published in the United States do not display the prepuce (aka "foreskin"). The one I have mentions it, even though it's not drawn in the illustrations, but only has one brief paragraph about it. In the past, babies have been circumcised as a matter of course, without even asking the parents. The "Joy of Uncircumcising" mentions a survey where 70% (IIRC) of American men surveyed did not even know their own circumcision status. Many Americans have no clue at all what the foreskin really is. They have been taught to repeat dogmatically that it's "dirty" and that removing it prevents horrible diseases.

After all the anti-communist and anti-socialist propaganda hype "they" spoon fed us... with all that noise about how the evil "communist regime" would disappear people and then edit them out of photos... now we find out that "they" have cut the most sensitive part of our penises "out of the picture" here in the USA. Add that to things like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, and see what it makes in your mind right before you double-think it away and go grab a can of nationalism to wash away your working-class nutrition with while you fill your minds with the wonderous shadow plays dancing on the big screen in your dank swanky "living" rooms. Oh, I shouldn't have said that... Now you're wavering on the brink of ignoring all that amazing programming and reading factual articles on-line. So much for the Nielson ratings of your favorite sip-con.

How many people find that kind of thing to be something that improves your sense of loyalty to the United States? Or to the Capitalist fueldoll hierarchies that have usurped true democracy here and claim to be "The United States"? Oh, don't mention it... Go single file and don't reveal your numbers. I've probably already been flagged as "mentally ill" and can survive without employment if necessary, right? Allegedly, there is obviously a very serious Legitimation Crisis occurring... according to one source... But hell, why bother with all this "Castro green-glo nonsense", as long as I can get anything I need down at the Company Store. (Iron masks are on sail necks weak.)

Where it's really at is there are organized factions that exist within the Unitied States who want to be the "ruling class". They want to control the media. They want to whack our pee-pees and teach us to play "simon says", "follow the leader", "musical chairs" and "duck, duck, goose". They want us to be subservient, obedient and content. They sell alcohol, tobacco, bread and circuses. They teach a form of "hierarchy" that puts power and control into the hands of a few. They teach "division of labor" ("separation of concerns", "need to know"), and that there are "owners of the means of production of goods and services". They teach "monotheism" and that we "must accept hierarchy". Oh, well, yes master. Of course, sir. Anything you say sir. Yes, of course that is the way things are. It has ever been so. Yes, sir. Why not?

Nobles Oblige, fat guy with big brain at tippy top of poo-bah hierarchy! Remember the golden rule, and that people are more likely to live peacefully when you treat them nicely and "allow them a certain amount of autonomy". Wow. Maybe if you hand out more silk hankies we'll be Ok with it?

Here's what we want, plain and simple. Stop circumcising our sons. It doesn't really do what "they" thought it did anyways. It's evil, mean, and likely to create a lot more civil unrest than you'll care to eat for a dollar two thirty eighty four nine eleven. Make it illegal, now, and start arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning the perverts that mutilate little babies genitals.

I think we should educate the prison population about the link between circumcision and violent behavior, to give them a sense of why their lives have gotten so banged up. Then, throw the circumcisers in with them and let them all "feel it" together.