Treewakers Untie!

New post... My son and I have been playing Minetest a lot lately. It's sort of a terraforming simulation. Yeah. Don't dump the Chernyoblite in the house or bunker bust through the thin crust and spew molten lava on the trees, ok? It tends to heat things up a little more than we'd like, and every time we respawn, we land in the pollution zone again and die too quickly to hit the GUI button that let's us turn off the "allow damage" check-box... to make us virtually immortal so we can clean up the radiation before it kills us again, or walk away laughing to change our spawn point to somewhere less toxic than this former troll village, eh? Yeah, and that forest fire took me 2 real days to put out... I could not simply use the /rollback command, since it had not been enabled in the global server configuration... And now the once thickly forested island has nothing but stumps. At least virtual trees take only a short time to suddenly spring into full glory, right?

Nothing like learning a lesson the hard way the easy way, inside a computer simulation. Yeah, like it requires a 3d virtual-reality computer simulation with a jet-engine-loud screaming cpu-fan blaring to understand that spilling nuclear waste in the house or a bucket of lava into the tiega is a "bad plan", which is engineering parlance commonly used by corpse of engineers up in heaven, right? Only in Minetest, you can come back and dig your bones and know the lesson that the real life dead man could never tell us.

This morning I walked to the grow-sir-ee store to get some apple fritters and black-cherry fruit on the bottom greek-style yogurt for breakfast. On the way past the newspaper rack, I saw President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and others on the front page, under a headline about global leaders joining to think about how to solve the climate warming problem. What a bunch of apes, right? Doh. Can't see the forest or the trees from that office, eh? Oh, wait, Mr. Kerry got to see a real jungle back in the 60's right? Garsh, I wonder what lessons he might have learned there? Dig any tree-holes with "pineapples"? How hide like a scared animal and shit in the woods, if not in your pants? There's an old saying that probably sounds better in ancient Mayan, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, or mute telepathic... about how our ancestors are like children, expressing an irony since they are our fore-parents; So do we learn from past mistakes how to make them again, or how not to? Anyone feel like blunder-bussing over-there to clash with the klans of territorial apes the newspaper says are "the enemy" or anything? You first.

So (teasing the apes), what are yous going to do with dem dare bah-row-ken ol-bommas, suh? Gonna dump sum dim butt footballs on a parade of beaver-patch-shouldered fools off to plant the forest? Oh, wait, doh... Boy, we could just use it to parachute pallettes of, uh, mystery deep-voiced probably loud and... ? Is this the coffee button? Yeah, no really... really really stoned... humorously makes the "throwing a fit" gesture, destroys the nuke button on purpose... Takes out a Parker Pen... Proves that "a mine is a terrible thing to waste industrial output on"... Boys, use your pockets now, your saplings and your wheat.

Oh, I just got a notice from Boom Beach... Yeah, I'm the finger, and my troops are now ready. We pissed off the blackguard, and they keep sending mercenaries to take over the neigh-booring islands... No time for stone heads today. Oh, wow, the mangroves I disseminated are making a comeback, and wow, cool, they hide my rocket launcher from the gunboat-finger. Oh, and look at all that tax-gold I can spend on training troops and putting industrial labor to work on the traditional arms race! So at first, being an average person, I was reluctant to send troops into danger... but then I saw how stoopid they are, right? So what the hell. Hey, I'm not really throwing away otherwise useful workers on relentless pursuit of clearly unuseful tactical strategic implementimitations of economic sideburns and hip swaggling fin-car curly-toe codpiece missle-parade hoo-ha! (Pushing my beaver hat back with a fat thumb to show off my forehead.) They're just bits on a computer screen, and (wink wink, top secret) those "blackguard mercenaries"? We sell guns to them too. And they spend real money for game diamonds! He-he-he (machine gun laughter)... grins...

It makes you think about it... pondering boom beach and tree-bommas while ruminating a chunk off the old crunchy birch-apple... Sweet. Love is like oxygen. If you get too much you'll get too high, not enough and you're gonna die. Apes. Ecosystems. Keystones... debacles... sorites...

What it comes down to is that we're really just apes. We're stupid. We make really obviously stupid mistakes. We shouldn't have needed to learn those lessons the hard way. How obvious is it that blowing up bombs and wasting our industrial output on murdering each other and blasting our industrial output to smithers is not doing anything useful in terms of solving the whole, like wow man, global warming problem? Thhhpppttt... thhhppttt.. gmmffk.. gmmmffffkkkough... fffffffff.... o O (squirrel) Wow, this shit is crazy. I can't believe how fast it grew after installing that holly wang-banger 12 barrel carb sparkly see-owe-too gen-rater! Grrr-eeen, man. Apes. Just want lay round in the shade. Go see the forest and the trees... Can't afford to; got out Google Air-th... Wow, there's a lot of blank spots on this planet. I bet it's hot in the sunny-side there. We should plant some trees there... New posts... No Nukes. Blow, wind blow, blow away these troubled times... The answer: We are the Treewakers. It is our purpose in this planet's ecosystem. Just as lactobacilli are for making milk into yogurt, we are for making planets grow green and flourish. Hug a beaver, but not until after work, or he'll be offended. Chewing leaves today...


Hear the thunder? Hear the drums.

I understand that what we have here is an ‘adversoupial court system’… but the duty to Law, Equity, and Justice is the same regardless of whether you're a cop, a constable, a lawyer, a judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a complainant, or a defendant… Every member of society bears that duty, per The Social Contract that constitutes the public law; and when there exists a statute that is clearly a derogation of—or an outright unrighteous abrogation of—the Common Law, our common adversary is—honestly and in good faith—that statute with it's deleterious collateral consequences. It must go.[1] Hear the thunder?

When we must all stand strong, in that thin blue line, for the same Duty of Care, perhaps someone must stand-in—or sit-in on the judicial bench—as the Devil's Advocate? It ain't me… It ain't me… I ain't no fortunate one… Nah, no, in-ay bray ate's a crying shame that the devil's advocates won the debate in the congress that passed out this atrophcity of injustice, this “$enator's $on”—the Cohabitant Abuse Act—in fine form, an ‘illegitimate petard forged in the hasty union of a Bill of attainder cross-bred by a blanc checque’. With back-walking catch-22-22 hindsight, say can't yous see that it's long past time to get out of bed and set things right!? Apollo! A poll. Oh, and yous owe… Hear the drums.

Yous Sirs [2] must discharge the duties of office with Fidelity… Our lives, children, family integrity, and belongings are not yours for a ‘taxman rummage sale’ via champerty and maintenance. Yous work for us, for We the People, only under proper authority of Law. The authority vested in yous by laws ends and shall be void from that point in time when your actions are no longer in accord with Law until that time when they are. Hear the drums.

If yous want redemption, then yous must please Lady Themis & her Lords of Law. Make restitution. Perform Perform penance; work upon reparation. See to it that this Legitimation Crisis ends here, unless yous enjoy hearing people down on the corner and out in the street repeating loud and clear with exceedingly abundant sarcasm: «Here in Utah, we have such high standards of injustice, that even the courts cheat! Third District Court has broken up with Justice, and has gotten a protective order against her! Ignoring her problems won't make them stay away!» Hear the drums, Echo.

[1] For some theory of how we may accomplish this, see: Edlin, Douglas E., Judges and Unjust Laws: Common Law Constitutionalism and the Foundations of Judicial Review (University of Michigan Press, 2008). And try not to look at U.C. §76-8-201, or 18 U.S. Code §241 & §242, if you're afraid somebody might notice you hiding in that tiger-shaped shadow… Have you ever seen the reign coming down on a sunny day?

[2] Not everyone knows… that the word “sir” is a contraction of the word “officer”. Perhaps “freedom” is a contraction of “freedomination”? If so, then “freedom” is clearly not a family value, nor one for a society at large… in a Republic