Auto Beggars

Have you ever seen an old bum on the street... one who smokes continuously until there's orange-brown stains on his fingers; and he's all rough and leathery; consumes ethanol daily and pisses himself stinky. There's no way to hide that. You can't cover it with a fancy new shirt and make it go away. People who have learned to live like that don't change overnight into clean, healthy, intelligent members of the social community. They'll lie, cheat, and steal to get more to drink, more to smoke.

You can't give money to a wino beggar, because if you do, he'll just spend it on wine and tobacco, making the situation even worse. Your money's better spent on building and funding a bum cleanup facility. Why waste your money on smoke when you can buy something more permanent with it?

Ok, so what about that auto industry bailout? Isn't the auto industry like that bum? It smokes and pollutes. It begs the question... and the fools who buy into their false dilemmas think war and more polluting cars is the answer to the problem. They think they can just switch from petrol to ethanol. But there cannot be enough of that. That magical corn-u-cope-owe-yah is not bottomless. Think about soil depletion.

I wonder how many of them spent their tax kicker check, aka. "economic stimulus payment" on gasoline? Money to burn, right? Even if you finally broke down and bought a bicycle with it... Reminds me of my ex. She wanted more child support money. I thought about it, and wrote a letter outlining the cost of cigarettes, beer, snorting gas hogging mullet-mobiles, and other loud and crassly unnecessary "living" expenses. She replied that she doesn't spend the child support on those things; she spends her own money, that she earns, on it.

How many men paying support wish they could control how it's being spent? There should be rules about where it goes... Money should be spent according to laws, not according to women, right? ... Or, maybe all of those people who got nice fat tax cuts are responsible with how they spend it. Buying a new SUV "stimulates the economy", right? I can almost hear the techron trickling down the well pipe.

I think that it's obvious that instead of bailing out the auto industry, we should simply allow it to collapse under it's own weight. Face it. Automobile transportation does not scale to this level and will not scale any much farther. It stinks and pollutes. We are pumping a finite natural resource out of the ground and wasting it by burning it up into puffs of smoke that... well, we wish it would blow away.

Instead of pissing away the money on the auto and petroleum industry, it should be spent on railing up our urban transit systems. We ought to be sharing the ride with other members of the social community in residential service trolley cars powered by clean wind energy. The drivers need to quit smoking and guzzling.

The auto and petroleum marketroids are going to try and sell you (hand waving) "natural gas". It's the same problem all over again. They are pumping matter out of the ground. For every mole of natural gas you burn, you produce a mole of CO2 and a mole of H2O, plus other byproducts of incomplete combustion of an impure gas. It's adding matter to the atmosphere. What is that causing?

There are too many people burning it in cars and it will overwhelm the ability of the planet to clear it. Don't let their PR hacks fool you when they farce claiming that most of the CO2 emissions comes from big industry. It's kiking out of your own bottomless tailpipes, plain and simple. It's not fuel you're looking for.

I suggest that instead of burning the "natural" gas as fuel, it should instead be utilized in other ways, perhaps for producing direct reduced iron to be used for the rail and rebar we'll need to install that shiny new infrastructure. Think of how long your investment will last if you spend it on steel rather than on smoke.

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