The Church of Shreiking Cripes and the Lazy Driving Slobs

I was musing about what LDS stands for...

I mean, as an acronym — or the initials that stand for some three letter title of some sort. Here's a few forkloads of them, and please put-on a snazzy arm-punch shield and activate your dichotomy detector with false dilemmas enabled. Everyone does, of course, have the right to choose which of these to stand for. If you're taking too many on the chin, please stop wearing your mentality on your sleeve.

  • (Fat)* Lazy Driving Slobs
  • Lazy Dilapidated Stinkers
  • [[Help: ? =T=T=T= compatible with life ?]]
  • Lady Dipping Swingers
  • Legally Dyslexic Students
  • Lovers of Downhill Skiing

... and I'm still hoping that it all stands to reason and that many others think over what civilization they choose to belong to. Is it sustainable beyond my own lifetime? Do I even care? Spend it on smoke and fuel, or clean wind and steel rail? Unveil this city from the smoggen shroud that mires her like a cesspool rank with petrol laden cuckah.

Instead of wallowing up to your hocks in your own car-cuckah, you could be breathing clean air in a wind-generated electric transportation age. Is the LDS Hercules up to the task? Can he divert the cleansing winds into the sail arms flailing guardian of clean tilth? Can that electrically powered residential service trolley system be built, to begin with, by design, with enough capacity to carry all of what is now carried by petrol-snorting pollution carking p-u's?

[Ob. Draft: Opposite "Lazy Driving Slobs", I want to hear one or two that are more aligned with wind and solar energy powered residential service trolley installed and maintained by the citizens of =T=T=T= than with driving stinkers.]

* “FLDS” is “Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints”, IIRC. You can think of fat as passing for healthy, a symptom of affluenzia, or as wasted leg fuel, and your choice of self-righteous highway.