An Open Letter to the European Parliamentary Assembly

["pace.com@coe.int" -- Please take the responsibility to forward this email in it's entirety! If you don't and they learn of it, then I guess it's not your job after all, right? If you don't know how to do that, then please ask an elder for assistance. If there was a quick way for me to send it myself, I'd have done that bit of work for you and saved you a little bit of time. You are authorized to send this to anyone you wish, inside or outside of "The Government". ==> Res Publica.]

To all Member State's Representatives of the European Council, and all Citizens of Planet Earth who happen to get a copy of this by whatever means, Pertaining to Agenda 21 issues and especially to European Council Resolution 1952 and Recommendation 2023:

I am a citizen of America the Beautiful, not that one with "rockets red glare" and "bombs bursting" because it is evil. I believe in "liberty" but not in "freedomination".

I have written a number of essays and letters, published on my blog, that I think you all ought to carefully read, in the interests of honest Due Process, each of us' "right to be heard", adaequatio intellectus et rei adversus solem ne loquitor. (augury) First, here are the links:

You are missing out if you don't read all of them. Really. Don't say I didn't try and warn you.

Imagine this... you are sitting in on a social experiment being conducted at a University. There are two groups, and two speakers. One speaker is a pro-circumcision "doctor", and the other is an anti-circumcision "Intactivist". One group hears the "doctor" speak first, and the other group hears the "Intactivist" speak first. There are before and after surveys taken for each group. There are question and answer sessions after each talk, where the audience may ask questions of the speaker. The entire event is covered by audio/video recording equipment, with cameras on both the speaker and the audience.

Do you suppose that the "doctor" will begin the lesson with an Anatomy lesson? (http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org) What about the "Intactivist"? (I guarantee the Intactivist will begin with an anatomy lesson!)

Think about the probable outcome, using your "mental simulator", in terms of the credibility rating the audience may assign to each speaker at the end of the talks. Now think about your own credibility ratings given that the Grass Roots efforts are well underway (ie, this exact scenario has been carried out, for real, at several locations already) and that "you can't stop the signal, Mal." Does this scenario bring you any serenity?

I pray that it does. Peace be with us all, God willing.

    Karl Martin Hegbloom